Shadow, Shadow on the Wall

Photo by me, Zoki @ The Phantom Child

“Don’t depend on anyone, because even your shadow leaves you when you’re in darkness.” ~ Unknown, with whom I would like to disagree to some point. A pessimist would agree with the quote; an optimist would say if the shadow was once around it will show up sometime again; but a realist would be happy because the shadow was with him until that point, and as long as the world still exist as we know it, the shadow will be there tomorrow as well. You shouldn’t necessarily depend on other people, but I don’t see anything wrong in leaning on other people from time to time. That is, as long as you trust them to not let you fall.

Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” ~ Albus Dumbledore [or Harry Potter of J.K. Rowling if you will] Your shadow will show up again, and you will no longer be alone. Brighten up your day yourself – learn how to find light in the little things you find in life. You weren’t born alone in this world, you were born with a family, but you weren’t born together – meaning you’ll have to learn to let go, and keep on going alone. For the time being, you can lean on other people, but remember not to get ahead of yourself and lose your independence.

Your traits and freedom are your only treasures in life, cherish them.

Define ‘Gay Marriage’

ImageWhy do people create so much drama out of a simple topic? If two people want to marry they should be allowed to, regardless of who they are.

Do homosexuals oppose to heterosexual marriage? No. Then why the heck do straight people go around and take gay marriage as a personal insult?

Seriously, consider that with this straight guys will have more women to go out with, a larger number of orphans will get adopted, and the Earth’s population won’t go up as drastically as it does now. It is obviously a great thing to do and I don’t see what people dislike about it, it’s not like anyone is threatening to nuke the world.

The only problem I have with homosexuality is the ‘drama queen’ population that feels the need to wave their sexuality in the face of straight people – I’m sure a homosexual won’t like it if a heterosexual did that to him/her as well. And in the end, there exist human rights and free will and everyone should be treated as equal, gay or straight.

Peter Griffin put it nicely – if someone wants to get married and be miserable, let them. And that means a lot, coming from one of the dumbest fictional characters. If he can have some common sense I don’t see why any living being can’t. I’d also like to share a few words from lady Dorothy Parker:

“Heterosexuality is not normal, it’s just common.”

Because at the end of the day not everything that is common is right, and not everything that is right is common. We are all human and we shouldn’t judge each other, we are supposed to work together and if not share love, then at least show respect amongst ourselves. We cannot make it in this world unless we cooperate, make sure to remember that the next time you go out to vote against Gay Marriage.

Over and out.