Current Top TV List

There’s gonna be obvious disagreement regarding the list, yes, but let’s not forget that taste plays a big role here. One might solely be interested in comedy shows, while some else prefers fantasy shows, and a third person hates everything that’s popular. I do not in any way claim that this is an ultimate list because:

  • Not all current existing shows are included, only the ones I’m caught up with;
  • My own personal preferences may slightly influence my judgement here and there;
  • How I have watched a show can have an impact on my opinion (binge-watching a few seasons and following episodes week by week is definitely not the same).
  • I am no expert. I just spend quality time watching a diverse selection of TV Shows.

Recently removed: Parks & Recreation (NBC, highest rank was #5), Hannibal (NBC, highest rank was #6), Constantine (NBC, highest rank was #30).

Note: Only ongoing TV Shows are listed, any shows that end or get cancelled are removed from the list.

  1. Game of Thrones [HBO]
  2. Orphan Black [BBC America]
  3. House of Cards [Netflix]
  4. Blacklist [NBC]
  5. Suits [USA Network]
  6. How to Get Away with Murder [ABC]
  7. Sherlock [BBC One]
  8. Fear the Walking Dead [AMC]
  9. Arrow [CW]
  10. The Flash [CW]
  11. Doctor Who (2005) [BBC One]
  12. Orange is the New Black [Netflix]
  13. Better Call Saul [AMC]
  14. Daredevil [Netflix]
  15. American Horror Story [FX]
  16. Agent Carter [ABC]
  17. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. [ABC]
  18. The Walking Dead [AMC]
  19. True Detective [HBO]
  20. Heroes Reborn [NBC]
  21. Gotham [FOX]
  22. Da Vinci’s Demons [Starz]
  23. Outlander [Starz]
  24. The Strain [FX]
  25. Sleepy Hollow [FOX]
  26. Grimm [NBC]
  27. Modern Family [ABC]
  28. Bates Motel [A&E]
  29. Vikings [History]
  30. Under the Dome [CBS]
  31. Once Upon a Time [ABC]
  32. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt [Netflix]
  33. Impastor [TV Land]
  34. Extant [CBS]
  35. The Originals [CW]
  36. Penny Dreadful [Showtime]
  37. Significant Mother [CW]
  38. Supernatural [CW]
  39. Family Guy [FOX]
  40. Black Sails [Starz]
  41. Tyrant [FX]
  42. Power [Starz]
  43. Scream Queens [FOX]
  44. Brooklyn Nine-Nine [FOX]
  45. The Vampire Diaries [CW]

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