The Noble Order of Time

                  Art by VirginIron on DeviantArt

At a round table sit three highly skilled knights,

Their weapons, although different, are often intertwined.

The first knight carries a heavy broad axe,

With a slow swing but extraordinarily strong.

The second knight carries a longsword,

He has a lighter swing but his reach is quite long.

The third knight carries a fencing sword,

Which has a pointy sharp end that can do no wrong.

Sometimes their hits are as high as they can go,

Other times they deal the lowest possible blow.

When the weapons clash with each other,

You can see parries, or blocks if you’d rather.

Yet no matter the striking they do among themselves,

The mighty knights are just people’s hard-working elves.

Night and day we make them fight as slaves,

As they count the time to our inescapable graves.

It’s not all that dark, black and sad, though,

Their battle brings as much lightness as there is in snow.

For when their battle keeps going on all the time,

We try to do some goodness for all the past crime.

Yet in a peculiar way the biggest crime in all of this,

Is by watching their battle, everything else we miss.

The Land Beyond

A poem for a book that I’m working on currently – it describes the mythical land that everyone wants to find due to its treasures and beauty. It’s supposed to be short and detailed but yet mysterious. I actually don’t like it at the moment so if anyone has any suggestions do feel free to speak up! 🙂


Over the sea filled with poisonous water,

Over six mountains higher than the clouds,

There exists a place of divine mater

With no space for cowardly crowds.


It is only meant for the lucky few

Those who are brave and strong enough

To go looking for it in the unknown blue

And survive a path that is uncannily rough.


A land filled with gold and treasure,

Magical artifacts and books of all kinds,

Enough to provide a lifetime of leisure

But it sure isn’t for those with weak minds.


You may be seriously craving to go there,

But of the road ahead you better beware.

A Knight of Other Kind

Inspired by Brienne of Tarth – Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire character.

There is something special about this one

Fiery girl that over every boy a battle has won.

She wants no flowers or chocolate boxes from others

But values honor and chivalry from her knightly brothers.

She might be no princess in a dress

But she sure is one fierce damsel in distress.

Built as a titan from the ancient myths of Greece

She fights with valor to achieve pure justice and peace.

Feel free to mock her ‘beauty’

But you better watch out when she’s on duty.

She swings and slashes like a master with her sword

And whether it’s day or night, her skills will not be ignored.

Blue poems, anyone?

These were done over a year ago, when I found myself in a not-so-good place. However I do like looking back and things and seeing how much has changed since then, so you get these too. 😛 Comments are very welcomed, both good and bad.


  • Locked Up Inside

A wonderful day shines outside,

And it’s as if the sun reaches for me,

Calling me out there on this wild ride

Under the crystal blue, dead sea.


But something keeps me where I am,

The fact that I am so warm and comfortable,

And that I don’t like to get in the traffic jam,

Although my time at home might not be very fable.


So there I am, sitting at the coffee table,

Drinking what seems to be a cup of chocolate milk,

Yet deep inside myself I feel so unstable,

Like a piece of glass, like a piece of silk.


There exists this very weird feeling,

That seems to be suffocating my happiness,

And there seems to be no way to stop this stealing,

And the whole situation becomes a source of stress.


I don’t want to feel like this anymore,

I want to stop everything that’s going on in my mind,

It’s becoming a very difficult and unbearable war,

And my hurt soul feels like a helpless hind.


This is something that no one desires,

To get locked up at your own house, stuck in your own bed,

Waiting like a petrified person till this ugly love expires,

Because only when it’s over, one can move ahead.


  • The Helpless Call

Last night I was so tired that I just went in bed and cried,

Because I was feeling like my brain was completely fried.


I hate how people always expect the best from poor me,

Even when everything is so difficult as if I’m drowning in a sea.


But the most hurtful things happens when want to excel,

But you keep failing, as if there’s some kind of spell.


My father thinks that I’m worse than my bigger brother,

And I can’t seem to prove the contrary even to my mother.


That’s why these days I always feel very sad and blue,

And I keep crying and thinking I will never make it through.


Please, my good friend, be nice and give me your hand,

This is too painful and I need your help in order to withstand.


  • Losing One’s Love [Cheesy]

Sometimes in my dreams,

I see you and feel you close,

Like a true lover.


You are my best friend,

I adore you my cupcake,

My sweet pumpkin pie.


You’ll always be mine,

Like a kid to a mother,

Like one’s brother.


The two of us dear,

Together till we both die,

Or lose each other.


Hold my hand honey,

Keep me close to you tonight,

Don’t leave just yet.