Define ‘Gay Marriage’

ImageWhy do people create so much drama out of a simple topic? If two people want to marry they should be allowed to, regardless of who they are.

Do homosexuals oppose to heterosexual marriage? No. Then why the heck do straight people go around and take gay marriage as a personal insult?

Seriously, consider that with this straight guys will have more women to go out with, a larger number of orphans will get adopted, and the Earth’s population won’t go up as drastically as it does now. It is obviously a great thing to do and I don’t see what people dislike about it, it’s not like anyone is threatening to nuke the world.

The only problem I have with homosexuality is the ‘drama queen’ population that feels the need to wave their sexuality in the face of straight people – I’m sure a homosexual won’t like it if a heterosexual did that to him/her as well. And in the end, there exist human rights and free will and everyone should be treated as equal, gay or straight.

Peter Griffin put it nicely – if someone wants to get married and be miserable, let them. And that means a lot, coming from one of the dumbest fictional characters. If he can have some common sense I don’t see why any living being can’t. I’d also like to share a few words from lady Dorothy Parker:

“Heterosexuality is not normal, it’s just common.”

Because at the end of the day not everything that is common is right, and not everything that is right is common. We are all human and we shouldn’t judge each other, we are supposed to work together and if not share love, then at least show respect amongst ourselves. We cannot make it in this world unless we cooperate, make sure to remember that the next time you go out to vote against Gay Marriage.

Over and out.


  1. I totally agree with the part about making a drama out of a simple topic, but before I leave another comment, I wanna ask you exactly how do homosexuals wave their sexuality in the face of straight people? And rethink your statement. Don’t you think that it is necessary? I don’t like it either, but it is necessary. I think this is women and blacks rights all over again. I just hope people will get around sooner than later.


  2. @Bojana With the waving the sexuality in the face bit I refer to for example guys who dress in woman’s clothes and put on tons of make-up. I believe a homosexual doesn’t differ from a heterosexual, the only difference between the two is that one loves people from the same sex and the other loves people from the opposite sex. And with that part I point to those who show a bad image of what homosexuality is, like Boki 13 from Macedonia. The public shows them as gay and following the media people think this is what will roam the streets the day after they give homosexuals rights to marry. Which is wrong.
    I totally agree with you on your last point – it’s just like women and black people’s rights all over again. Hopefully this time it won’t take humanity that long to accept this.


  3. Haha. Over and out. I like how you ended that. Is that your signature end phrase for each post? That would be cool. At the San Diego Pride Fest, this really cool looking chick wore a t-shirt that loudly claimed “Marriage is so gay!” and that is why it should be legal. It is the gayest thing ever! And I say that with a smile, I have a gay mexican friend who tends to my garden (haha!) wow, double entendres are ringing twice today, just like the mailman!


    1. Haha actually it’s not my signature phrase, or at least not on this blog. But it felt like a decent way to end it (and I spent a few minutes or so trying to decide what the end line should be). Hah, yes, marriage IS the gayest thing ever! Completely agree with that. And haha are you sure your friend is gay?! But honestly I would pick a gay friend over a straight friend any day.


  4. Cool article. I can be the drama queen type, but much more when I was younger. There’s no need for me to wave my sexuality in people’s faces anymore. Thankfully, homosexuality is so accepted in my neighbourhood and among my straight friends.


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