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Scripting the Truth – Virtual Book Tour

Monday is the universally hated day of the week, mostly because the things we look forward to tend to happen during the weekend. But I am here to present you with something that will make your day better! I have the honor of hosting the first stop on T. A. Henry’s Virtual Book Tour. As their first novel is about to be launched, you’ll have the chance to read excerpts from the novel itself and the opportunity to get to know the author. Additional info available by visiting their blog – don’t be shy and stop by!

For now, please enjoy an excerpt of their novel titled Scripting the Truth, followed by an interview with T. A. Henry herself!

Scripting the Truth Front cover finalStriding quickly across the house I located my mother in her sun room with a copy of Vogue newly sent airmail from across the pond. “I’m heading back to London by the eleven fifteen.”
Her slight startle revealed how absorbed by the new fashions she was. “Already, darling? You just came down by the four forty yesterday.”
I started to reply but she continued before I could decide on my defensive strategy.
“Your father and I wanted to talk to you.” Her voice held a plaintive note.
“Yes, I know. We discussed things this morning.”
“Don’t take on so. We just want to see you settled. Married perhaps?”
I kept my tone light. “Not a man on the horizon I’m afraid.”
“There could be if you weren’t so flighty. Stay down here. The hunting season will be starting soon. All the eligible bachelors of proper station will be spending huge swaths of time in the neighborhood.”
I ground my teeth to keep from telling her what I thought of men of a proper station. “I’ll come back down. You let me know when the situation is promising.” I smiled and hoped this would be enough to get me out the door.
Her excitement immediately went up a notch. “That is a wonderful idea. Why don’t I arrange a weekend shooting party? When shall we?”
I wanted to put the brakes on this out of control disaster but she was moving forward at a spitfire pace.
Swinging her legs off the edge of the fainting couch she strode across to her writing desk to consult the calendar there. “Three weeks you think? Or maybe four? I think four weeks to make sure I can really guarantee a good attendance. I’ll pencil that in.”
I swallowed hard. How to tell my mother this was not at all what I had meant. It was beyond impossible. Brigadier General Wingate always said we could do the impossible in a day but miracles took a bit longer. And this needed a miracle. It was time for me to bow out quickly. I could take my time in London to work out the details of my permanent escape from the safety of distance. “I must dash to make the train. Charles is waiting with the car.”
My mother crossed quickly to me and placed a kiss on my cheek. I allowed the embrace and briefly hugged her back, if one could call it a hug when you placed your hands on someone’s arms and mentally restrained yourself from shoving them bodily away from you.
I breathed a big sigh of relief as I slid into the back of the Rolls Royce Silver Wraith. “Drive Charles and be quick about it. I can’t miss this train.”
“Yes milady.” Charles nodded his understanding.
As we rolled out the gates I felt tension start to ebb from my shoulders. I would have liked to imagine my mother meant well. But I knew what was best for me was the last thing on her mind. She was only acting according to what she knew, to the dictates of her world. Marry off your daughter and marry her off well. I was her only daughter. My war service had been a huge strain on her, so far was it from her idea of appropriate behavior for someone of my status. My brothers went at the first sign of trouble and although she cried she was proud. I couldn’t understand why I should be any different. We just lived in different worlds, with rules as far apart as the Sun and Moon. By the time I finished these musings we were pulling up to the station in Portsmouth. I would catch the London express here.

  • Give us a short introduction of who you are.

I am a Pacific Northwest transplant who loves it here. I am a stay at home mom who home schools her only kiddo. I hike, crochet, and yoga with all my spare time. LOL. I like to think I am funny. I hear I am a good friend. I think the secret to that is I have very little judgement.

  • Do you remember when you first started writing, and why?
The first thing I remember writing was a poem on environmental concerns for a poetry contest when I was in third or fourth grade maybe. It was not a positive experience. They hung up all the works in the local public library with what ribbon: first, second, third, or honorable mention. I was the only one without a ribbon of some sort on my poem. I cried for days.
  • Some authors have their own habits and rituals, others like waiting for creativity to pay them a visit. What’s your writing process?
I usually wait for creativity to hit. But I write down every little idea that flies by me. So then when I need a topic for Nanowrimo I flip through  my idea book and see what attacks me. Then I go to the library and get books, lots of books. I read everything I can about the idea, anything that might possibly apply. I think that’s the crux of my process, research. Probably more than is reasonable but having so many little bits of information available when I am writing gives me options. It makes it harder to write myself into a corner.
  • Do you read a lot? What do you look for in a book?
I read as much as I can. I do make an effort to get through as many as I can, as I post a book review every week and I try not to review books I haven’t read immediately before reviewing, it feels unfair to the work. I mostly read non fiction with a smattering of brain pudding books, ie fluffy fiction that requires no effort to get through – slides down like vanilla pudding.
  • A book of course is a collection of many elements – settings, plot, characters, conflicts, etc. Which one would you say is the strongest suit of your book?
wow. Um. LOL. Ok so I think what I bring to the table is a combination of characters and dialogue. I have great dialogue. There’s always a touch of humor sprinkling through. I like life to be an adventure. I try to make my books feel a bit like that.
  • How much of a challenge was completing this novel?
This novel was cake. Total cake. I loved it. It practically wrote itself. I know it sounds like total malarkey but it’s true. Now my spy novel on the other hand is like a root canal with no Novocaine while having broken bones set by a mortician. Yeah.
  • Any fun facts or interesting anecdotes about the novel or its creation that you can share?
I wrote Scripting the Truth during Nanowrimo, my third one, and it was the first time I ever won.
  • Now that this novel is ready, what are you keeping busy with? Can we expect other novels in the future?
Right now I am working out all my marketing and trying to prepare for this year’s Nanowrimo. I will be writing a murder mystery. I am super excited to kill some people off and have it not be a huge dramatic thing. LOL.
  • Is there any advice you want to give to aspiring authors?
Do not listen to any voice that tells you, you can’t. Whether it’s your own voice or someone else’s.

Thank you, T. A. Henry for this opportunity and for your time. Hope the launch goes smoothly and there’s lots more to come after Scripting the Truth!

30 Days of NaNoWriMo

As I mentioned in the Camp NaNoWriMo Winner post, I’m still missing the last 8 days in my 30 days writing adventure (see 7 Days, 14 Days, and 22 Days of NaNoWriMo for the previous days). Well, here they are!

  • Day #23: If you pretend you’ve just started writing, would it become easier?

The main issue with WriMo, at least for myself, is how the whole thing become excruciating the longer you’re doing. The start is easier because you’re excited, you have an idea you feel great about, it feels like sunshine and rainbows. But as you dwell deeper and deeper into the story and spend more and more time writing, you feel the need to put it aside. Yet the whole point is not to do that, so whatcha gonna do?

  • Day #24: Just 1 week left… Which sounds like torture, considering I’ve been doing this for 3 weeks.

It. Does. Not. Get. Better. You’d think being near the end and reaching your goal should give you the mythical boost you so need right about now. Maybe you’re too far away from the end? Yeah, last-minute boosts are more like your thing, but you can’t really complete the 30K words on the last day.

  • Day #25: Mercy, mercy! Just shoot me already.

Chinese water torture has nothing on monthly writing months. I feel like Dolores Umbridge’s sitting next to me, chuckling at the sight of horror I’m in while attempting to catch up with my word count. Except the word count’s not my issue, but the inability to move beyond some plot points. The failure to continue writing the story I wanted to tell.

  • Day #26: What was I supposed to be writing about?

By now my brain has probably gone into retirement and I’m more zombie than human. I can’t think, I can’t function, but we’ve got just a few days left and somehow I’m still typing. I say typing because I’m not sure the stuff that’s coming up on the screen can be considered writing.

  • Day #27: If no one wants to shoot me, I’ll just start breaking stuff.

If you believe I’m joking, that’s some serious wishful thinking. When you spend a month doing heavy writing you start feeling like the Hulk. Enraged, full with strength you want to throw around at any chance you find. Starting from the not-so-lovely place you used for writing in the first place.

  • Day #28: Don’t stop the music writing. 

Maybe if you drink another bucket of coffee and stay up all night you’ll get ahead of your goal in a single day. Or maybe you’ll put yourself in a coma and sleep through next year’s writing months. Both options sound appealing so you give it a go.


Since validation can ultimately be done on the last day at latest, the 30th is never that important for me. My goal is being prepared for that day, so that I’m not frantically trying to come up with crap just to finish the whole event before the last minute clocks out. It also lets me enjoy that last day with joy and gratitude while looking back at what I’ve accomplished in the previous days. However, it also means that I’m one day short in the month and that my 29th day is always a witch with a B. The only way to get through such a day, is to remain hopeful and keep yourself motivated.

  • Day #30: Best month ever!

[Yes, I’m using an Obama gif for this] IT’S OOOOOVER!! Okay that thought makes me sad about it, but I can just glance at what I’ve written and it puts a smile on my face (that’s when I’m reading stuff from the early days, the writing from the last couple days make me want to hug the desk with my face). If I wasn’t tired I’d be jumping up and down with joy the whole day. It’s profound happiness, makes you wonder what other accomplishments feel like this.

As I said in a previous post, congrats to both those who did and didn’t manage to complete their Camp NaNoWriMo goals. Just remember that once you recharge the batteries you should tie yourself to the chair once again (for writing, not for kinky business).Strike while the iron is hot, don’t make your writing any harder by letting the idea fly away.

Camp NaNoWriMo Winner

Camp NaNo Winner Banner

I guess this is where a photo of my writing pens in flexing pose would go. Or a photo of my keyboard flexing, or whatever the equivalent of a writer’s biceps flexing would be. But maybe that lovely banner up there is just enough to get the point across. My goal for 2015’s Camp NaNoWriMo was 30,000 words. Understandably that might not feel like a big deal and it’s obviously almost half of what the traditional NaNoWriMo is. Yet, for anyone who has been following my weekly updates on the matter (7 Days, 14 Days, 22 Days, and a recap of the last week will probably follow tomorrow when hopefully my brain is more cooperative), it should be fairly clear that April is a ridiculously busy month for me.

Not only are there a lot of holidays (which contrary to what one might expect, take away your free time instead of giving you more), there’s a also my birthday, my volunteering as moderator at four different places, some job hunting, and a lot more I’m unable to list at the moment (mostly because my brain is trying to erase any knowledge of them so I’ll never think about them). On top of all that there might have been traces of a social life. That’s mainly why I went for 30K instead of 50K, which I knew wasn’t going to happen. And I’m not using that as an excuse, it’s more of a clarifier.

Everyone who has attempted NaNoWriMo of any form does not need excuses for how bad they’ve done. It’s not a job and it’s not for anyone else but yourself. It’s a personal project based on a hobby and when all is said and done the only thing that matters is that one is satisfied with their own final result. That being said, I’m ecstatic about my own results. Not solely because I’ve managed to write the freaking 30K I promised myself I’ll reach by the end of the month, but because I’m impressed with the story so far. Yep, so far, it’s not actually done yet. In fact, t might be a long while before it’s completed. While I’ve managed to write roughly 1000 words every day for 30 days, I cannot keep up that pace throughout the whole year — while I may act like it at times, I’m not a robot. Though that’d be pretty cool.

Anyway, it’s been a long day for me and I feel I’ve had enough of words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs for now. I should get a proper rest and probably do some catching up with the TV shows I follow. I do hope all of you are enjoying your week, and for everyone else who manages to hit their Camp NaNoWriMo target, congratulations (and late congrats to all those who did so in the past several days)! To those who attempted but didn’t quite hit the mark, even bigger congratulations! You’ve done your best, tested the waters, explored the grounds, yada yada — it should help you accomplish your goal on your next run. Merlin knows we all fail, definitely more frequently than we win, so don’t let that discourage you and keep working. Rome wasn’t built in a day, even though you’re certainly free to try.

I’m off to do a victory dance and cuddle with my bed.

Mine’s not as good but you get the point.

22 Days of NaNoWriMo

What comes after 7 Days of NaNoWriMo and 14 Days of NaNoWriMo? Well of course, 21 days! Except apparently I can’t math and just now I realized 4×7=28 while I’m aiming at 30, so I’ll be doing 8 days for the last two weeks. I do sincerely hope that anyone else attempting Camp NaNoWriMo is making great progress and their story is getting along well!

  • Day #15: We’re JUST HALFWAY through the month?!

Usually you’d be the first person to look on the bright say and think “hey you’ve made it through half of it!” but you’re so tired all you can think is “ugh I have to do this for the same amount of time I’ve been doing it till now” and that’s a painful thought.

  • Day #16: Remain calm, don’t panic, and keep writing. Okay, maybe panic a little but definitely keep writing.

Pushing yourself to do something every single day, no matter what it is, is going to be troublesome. And the best way to get through any problem is to keep your head cold and keep trying.

  • Day #17: The weekend starts today, you can do this if you put your mind to it, right?

Just think of the wonderful feeling once you’re done, that majestic sensation should keep you motivated! There’s still time even if you’ve fallen behind. No plan was ever straightforward, they all have their setbacks so you just have to go beyond yours.

  • Day #18: Who am I kidding, if I was using my brain I wasn’t even going to start this in the first place.

At this point you realize you’re fighting against every little atom in your whole body whenever you attempt to sit down and write. Any motivation and hope you gave yourself the previous day have already left the premises before you woke up. It’s like there’s an evil Santa visiting you every night and stealing all your positive thoughts so you’re forced to regain them on your own every morning. Or is this all just a game and you’re always restarted to the first level?

  • Day #19: Argh where did my weekend go?!

Does the whole world turn against you whenever you decide to do this? Because it sure feels that way. At this point you’re not even sad, more like frustrated and angry and you want to go set things on fire (but not really).

  • Day #20: Another freaking Monday… I’ve had it with this thing.

The more you try to push yourself away from it, the harder it hits you when you finally come back to it. No matter what you’ve started writing, you’ll have to finish it.

  • Day #21: Okay, ten more days and you’re done. Kind of… Just keep writing dammit.

If a head could fall from one’s shoulders due to stress and frustration, you’re fairly sure yours would be rolling on the floor right now. But thankfully that could only happen in fiction. Which reminds you… What are you doing and why aren’t you freaking writing?!

  • Day #22: Just 1 week left! Okay, almost. But almost is good enough, right? Right?!

You’re nowhere near as smug as Matthew McConaughey, but you feel you should be. Both because of what you’ve written so far and because you’re almost close to the finish line. Give yourself some credit, because others likely won’t do that. The best way to reassure yourself you can make it through this month is if you look back at what you’ve managed to do so far.

14 Days of NaNoWriMo

About a week ago I did a 7 Days of NaNoWriMo post, covering the beginnings of an attempt at Camp NaNoWriMo. The extraordinary National Novel Writing Month takes place in November, but the Camp is a smaller sibling project that takes place during April and it gives authors more freedom in comparison to the first. Yet, despite providing you with choices, some flexibility in what you write, how you write, and at what pace, do not delude yourself that it’s any less of a difficult or demanding task.

Writing in its self, no matter the form and purpose it takes is  an excruciating and agonizing assignment lead by an exhausting process of brainstorming, planning, and organizing plots which you’ll then spend day and night splattering with ink over paper, only to wake up in your sleep and burn out all the nonsense you realize you’ve written. But pain, misery, agony, and all the tragedy in life produce emotions, they stir our imagination and once those vanish, you’ll have in your hands the impeccable fruits of hard labor. Whether a short story, a group of poems, or the start of a novella, you’ll have at least the foundation for a written piece of work that speaks this is brilliant and must have taken effort or talent. Or maybe that’s just something I tell myself to help me sleep at night?

Either way, grab a pair of goggles as we’re flying off with a steampunk hot air balloon to revisit day 8-14 of Camp NaNoWriMo.

  • Day #8: Ugh, my Wednesday is a Monday?!

The strong victory feelings you had the day before seem faint and distant, as if they were a million light years ago. Any remote sense of accomplishment evaporated with the realization that another heavy seven days are ahead of you. Begrudgingly you push everything and everyone aside and attempt to turn the table and be productive.

  • Day #9: What do you mean it’s my birthday tomorrow and this is the Easter weekend?!

Not only are you behind with your word count, but with this coming avalanche of events in the next couple of days you’re well aware you’ll be buried under deep snow and your word count will remain as frozen as the Antarctica. Will you ever recover? Will you be able to dig your way up to see the sun again? Are you capable of rising from the ashes like a Phoenix? No one knows, especially not yourself, but this seems like the perfect time to start panicking.

  • Day #10: Time to pretend I’m interested in festivities and non-writing things.

Stuff such as socializing, small talk, long conversations with people you barely know are so low on the list of things you wish you were doing at this very moment, one is quite certain that even breaking things, running around naked on the streets, and murdering anyone nearby, rank higher. Yet when there are celebrations there’s usually fancy delicious food, various selections of drinks, and hopefully a cake big enough for one to drown in it. You can never say no to all wonders that feed your soul and you’re certainly not saying no to cake. In some ways this helps you survive and put on a manic laughing face as you’re internally screaming to sit down and write.

  • Day #11: Wishing it was a lazy Saturday and that you had a few less drinks the previous day.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, wash down your thoughts in alcohol and hope they never reappear again. But those little demons turn out quite the swimmers, and while you’re trying to get your head straight they decide to punch you like a boxing bag, repeatedly. You’re so swamped you’re contemplating the idea of saying screw it and taking a nap. Resistance is usually futile, but you try your best not to give in on the temptation.

  • Day #12: Stop the holidays, stop the celebrations, for goodness sake stop the people!!

You feel holidays is the name given to some supernatural beings sent on planet Earth to beat you up, devour all your energy, creativity, and leave you exhausted, bloated, unable to do anything remotely productive. Doesn’t look like you’ll be doing any writing today.

  • Day #13: Please shoot me and make sure you don’t miss.

The holidays keep going, which can’t really be said about your word count. More food, drinks, too many people and conversations for your taste, no sign of that glorious cake you recently had, and for all you know your brain has left the station. It may not have reached its new destination but it has definitely started the journey of leaving your head.

  • Day #14: Remind me why I do this to myself every year?

The festivities might finally be over, but they’ve left you feeling like you spent the last few days running marathons, yet it doesn’t appear that you’ve won any of them as you see no trophies nearby. All you see is the obvious lack of writing, a plethora of plot points you have yet to plan out and write, while your mind says go to bed and don’t wake up till the end of April. Apparently, the weather finally left its Winter mood and embraced the Spring temperatures, but you’ve been so busy typing you haven’t even had the time to look outside.

You tell yourself to keep going, you’re already halfway there — you can definitely survive another two weeks of this, right? Somehow you’re not really sure, but you’re dead set on trying and you go grab another cup of coffee.

7 Days of NaNoWriMo

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, lately I’ve been slacking somewhat (for example I didn’t get to do a Short Story this past Sunday). However, as far as excuses go I have the second best one — I’m attempting to do Camp NaNoWriMo. Which is the evil twice-removed cousin of NaNoWriMo, which would then be the stepmom or mother of evil and the very best possible excuse for slacking. If you’ve never tried either of the two, the best way for me to describe them to you is as monthly tortures composed of coffee, stress, self-loathing, coffee, random tantrums, mood swings, coffee, keyboard bashing, self-bribing with cake, and did I mention coffee? But if you do get through all of that, you’ll probably have the joy of owning a written piece of a decent length and very crappy quality. That’s why usually we take a short break to replenish our batteries, after which we continue the torture but now by editing instead of writing.

If you’re extremely fortunate you’ll have an amazing product to be proud of that you can show off to others who’ll look at you with awe. If you’re less fortunate you’ll find comfort in the fact that you’ve done the impossible — you’ve produced a novel in a month’s time. Sure, it may be something that you’ll hide in the most secluded corner of your computer forevermore because it doesn’t deserve to see the light of day ever again, but you’ve had fun and experience and those always come in handy. I’m getting off-topic though, the idea of this post is to illustrate how usually the first week (which I’ve now survived, woo!) tends to go.

  • Day #1: Like stealing candy from a baby.

It starts as in the fables, this new land you’re discovering is gorgeous in every way and as peaceful as it can be. There is no sign of trouble anywhere and it’s a beautiful day so you even do your writing with as much leisure as possible. You’ve been preparing mentally for this for a while now and you’re quite sure in your capabilities and the plot you’re going for.

  • Day #2: Everything is great and whimsical.

Another day of productive work, you haven’t come across any issues yet and you feel this is your year. This is the year when you out-write all your friends and produce the best story humanity has ever seen.

  • Day #3: A few bumps on the road can’t stop me.

It can’t all be that pretty, you must have some rough patches and at least they make for a good story. You reassure yourself you can make it through this and a small drawback isn’t stopping you.

  • Day #4: When I set my mind to it, I’m unstoppable.

You’re ready to move beyond yesterday’s trouble, you sit yourself down with a bucket of coffee by your side and you do some quality catching up. Heck, you even get ahead so you have less to write tomorrow!

  • Day #5: Okay, maybe I lied a bit yesterday.

You already start feeling the weight on your shoulders fingers. It’s day 5 and you want to keep going strong but you desperately need a break so you attempt writing what you can without pushing your limits. You’ve earned some comfort and you can always catch up the next day, right?

  • Day #6: Why is this happening to me.

I’ll catch up tomorrow is the most basic mistake, yet somehow you manage to throw yourself under that same bus every year. You even fall for that multiple times in the same month. You’re tired, you have other things to do, your mind is blocked, you feel like the whole world is on fire, and you start regretting you decided to do this.

  • Day #7: How am I doing this, and can I please keep doing it for another 3 weeks?

You have no idea how you managed it or where you found the will from, but you sit down and catch up for the whole week. Was it the fact that you hate losing this early? Was it because you’re competitive and you wanted to show your friends you’re not a loser? Or was it simply because you promised yourself a whole big pile of awesome pizza which you’ll eat all by yourself? Doesn’t matter, so as long as the job gets done.

I guess it also doesn’t matter that by the end of the first week you’ll already be suffering from typing disease, where you’re prone to do some ‘typing‘ no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

There & Back Again

If this blog could speak up, I’m sure I would have been yelled at many, many times, and probably dumped several months ago which was like the second or third time I left it high and dry. Thank goodness it’s not that clingy to a long-term relationship. That being said, I’m excited to have it back up and running again. In fact, I’ve been excited about that since December, I just never got around to actually doing something with the excitement until I decided if I don’t start somewhere, I won’t get anywhere.

Let me do just a quick overview of some significant and non-significant elements of the past few months. I feel like some excuses (yes, plural is needed here!) are overdue.

  • September: Moving back to my Uni city, lack of internet, and a plethora of exams.
  • October : Hiding behind books, reading and getting ready for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), the month when thousands and thousands of people challenge themselves with the idea to produce a 50,000 words novel, without the use of any spells, charms, magical objects or potions. Except coffee, as per usual.
  • November: NaNoWriMo, or otherwise known as Doomsday. I’m that person that constantly leans toward writing, but never really gets anywhere with it, and it bugs the hell out of me. The number of ideas, plots, characters, and actual scenes that I go through inside my head on a daily and nightly basis, yet none of those live to see fruition or progress of any kind. This was my third, or maybe fourth year of trying NaNoWriMo (yes, I lost count), but ‘trying’ is too big of a word for what I did in the past years. The first few days I’d do some writing, and tell myself I’ll catch up eventually, and then a writer’s block would cut me off and I’d just never get back to it. This year I made myself a promise I’ll reach 50k words by the end of November even if it meant going Looney Tuns crazy.
  • December: I FREAKING DID IT!!! And spend the first five days recovering, obviously. Then it was time to cherish the rewards, as well as read some new books. Oh, squeeze continue writing the book in there too.
  • January: Christmas is on the 7th of January over here so my holidays period is basically from New Year’s till around the 10th. Obviously I squeezed some writing here as well, and thankfully am done on that front (now the book just needs to sit in the bad corner for a few months, at which point I’ll go back to it and slap myself for all the dumb things I’ve written. And throw it out of the window ala Bradley Cooper style). Another extra sessions took place to wrap up the month nicely.
  • February: And it seems the shortest month will allow me to breathe the longest. While still busy, I actually have some extra free time for a change.

Wasn’t that fun? No, it wasn’t. But it’s my blog and I had to get it out. I truly did not plan to simply disappear from the blog without a word or notice, it just happened and I kept postponing the return. What I didn’t postpone was keeping in pace with the ridiculous number of TV Shows I watch, and playing Blizzard’s Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft ever since I got in the closed beta. Really thankful I got in then, it let me get prepared for the influx of newbies now that the game is in open beta state.

To get back on topic though, I’ve come up with a few project ideas I’m working on for the blog. A list of examples, because lists are pretty:

  • 2013 TV show awards, without all the crappy politics that tend to get in the way with the actual awards;
  • Fall TV 2013, quick review of all the new TV shows that premiered this fall;
  • 86th Oscars predictions, because I somehow always watch them yet I have never seen half the movies but this year I’ve compiled a list of the ones I haven’t seen yet and will be doing that during the month of February;
  • Personal master TV ratings list for all the shows I’ve seen, though I opted for a rather complicated system and it may be a while by the time I complete my spreadsheet (have you not noticed yet how seriously I take my shows?);
  • Graphic exhibition page, because I’ve been spending extra time with PS6 and feel like showing off some of the ones I created from scratch – hey, I ain’t no Picasso but Kim Kardashian ain’t no host and look at her.

One step at a time though. I also need to catch up with the folks I’m following to see what they’ve been up to, and I do feel I need to get some sleep. Sleep is nice. Else we’d be like the gif below.

Bunny Coma