Ecard Me This!

How else can one start this? 😉

How many times have you been asked to help out someone with their computer? I don’t know about you, but my answer is ‘too many to count.’ And then it ends up not being the computer’s fault, but the owner’s fault – whether they didn’t install an antivirus or broke something. Poor computers.

The amount of horrifying mistakes people do nowadays with both spelling and grammar is just unbelievable. And we’re not talking about the 10-year old kids that parents let waste their time on the internet, but people at the age of 20, 30 or even older. People who you would consider adults fail at knowing their own language, it’s sad.

Ah, procrastination, we meet again! What have you planned for me today?

Definitely sums up what love is about, right?

Your life is not a soap opera per se, but you’re definitely turning it into one.

Someone fails to properly raise their children and the first thing they do is pass the blame to someone else. Look, they’re your children, it’s your responsibility – do something instead of just complaining.

What you can see from all the social networks is that the world’s average IQ is dropping down rapidly.

I’m sure everyone who has a job has had this thought in their head at least once. 😉

Totally relevant to what we just saw and what’s coming up.

Do you think you have a horrid boss? Doesn’t matter, he/she is still getting paid better than you.

But you can always tell your boss that! You don’t have to wish anyone bad things, but there is nothing bad in expressing your emotions every now and then. Just make sure they don’t hear you, you could get fired.

One of my all-time favorites, really.

Don’t feel bad if my posts get you bored and you leave instead! It’s a free world out there. 🙂

Alex in Wonderland

All of these were taken around Easter. I was home after a long time and I snatched my brother’s camera when I went to grab a cup of coffee with my friends. It turned into a lovely walk. I still remember several fun conversations and some pretty scenery. I probably have more of these at home since my laptop doesn’t have any of the photos with my friends. I’ll probably just update this once I’m back home.