Friend or foe – that is the question.

courtesy of Deniz at tumblr

Friendships used to be my favorite type of “ships” when I was a kid. Nowadays however, people have become highly skilled at wearing masks and shadowing their true nature. It is almost impossible to know whether or not someone is a true friend until you fall into the abyss and you are left at the merciless hands of friendship. Will they give you a hand, or will they run away at the first chance they get? There is only one way to find out.

Cowardice and betrayal are probably the things I hate the most, and anyone willing to stab you in the back after you have helped them just doesn’t deserve your attention. Of course, everyone deserves a second chance, but not everyone should get it. Although it might not seem like that, life is rather short. There is no place to play games and waste time figuring out who your friends are – it has to be obvious. If someone hurts you, you don’t have to necessarily turn your back to them, but don’t put them ahead of you as well. We were born alone, and the best we can give to those that deserve it is to keep them beside us.

A certain quote says “Don’t let someone be priority if you’re just an option to them.” As noble and honorable as it is to go out of your way to help others, it is not worth if you don’t get at least some respect for your troubles. No, this doesn’t mean you should become selfish, but simply more careful. It hurts beyond words when someone who you hold dear works behind your back and you should do something instead of waiting to learn that with personal experience. It is not difficult at all to say a single ‘thank you’ where it is rightful to do so, and if someone can’t do that then you should reconsider if that person is truly your friend.

Some of us are more of the loner type, we trust just ourselves, but we still come to other people’s aid when we can. And get nothing no recognition for it – not now, not in the past, not even in the future. And who cares about the future anyway, it is a long way from now and we need to live in the present. For business it might be good to think about the future, but for everyday life it is best to keep your thoughts focused on the present.

If you can’t do anything else, give it to people’s knowing that you dislike how they never even thank you when you help them. After all, an open honest friendship is better than one based on lies and treachery. If this shatters your friendship don’t fret, it just shows that you have done the right decision.

Define ‘Gay Marriage’

ImageWhy do people create so much drama out of a simple topic? If two people want to marry they should be allowed to, regardless of who they are.

Do homosexuals oppose to heterosexual marriage? No. Then why the heck do straight people go around and take gay marriage as a personal insult?

Seriously, consider that with this straight guys will have more women to go out with, a larger number of orphans will get adopted, and the Earth’s population won’t go up as drastically as it does now. It is obviously a great thing to do and I don’t see what people dislike about it, it’s not like anyone is threatening to nuke the world.

The only problem I have with homosexuality is the ‘drama queen’ population that feels the need to wave their sexuality in the face of straight people – I’m sure a homosexual won’t like it if a heterosexual did that to him/her as well. And in the end, there exist human rights and free will and everyone should be treated as equal, gay or straight.

Peter Griffin put it nicely – if someone wants to get married and be miserable, let them. And that means a lot, coming from one of the dumbest fictional characters. If he can have some common sense I don’t see why any living being can’t. I’d also like to share a few words from lady Dorothy Parker:

“Heterosexuality is not normal, it’s just common.”

Because at the end of the day not everything that is common is right, and not everything that is right is common. We are all human and we shouldn’t judge each other, we are supposed to work together and if not share love, then at least show respect amongst ourselves. We cannot make it in this world unless we cooperate, make sure to remember that the next time you go out to vote against Gay Marriage.

Over and out.