Fashion Me This

Fashion is an hypocritical act – instead of offering what should be new pieces of clothes with a reasonable price, you get these fussy expensive strange clothes. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Fashion, but stylists need to realize that there is an economic crisis out there. Making your work only available to the rich lot cuts off your customers. Create something that everyone can buy and then make something only for the wealthier audience – it’s both for your own profit and for the audience’s benefit.

And then, of course, stop judging people on what they wear. Providing them with new clothes is great, but you do not shape the world. Everyone has their own personal style and no one has the right to criticize those. In fact, one should admire those who stray away from the trends and form their own style; it shows independence and provides the ability to compare styles among people and see who has something in common with who. Although, two people who blindly follow the fashion news and critiques can obviously see that they are a perfect match for each other as well.

There is nothing wrong in following styles, this probably has roots from ancient times when one cave man would see that another has used animal skin to cover parts of his body and he would do the same. However, back then it was probably all about comfort, human kind only used clothes when they wanted to be warm or to have protection from bugs and vicious animals during the night. Nowadays it’s a total show off, as if people are competing to see who wears the most expensive piece.

It’s ridiculous, especially when they get all angry and pissed because they’ve seen someone else wear the same piece of clothes like them. Seriously, what were you expecting? A unique piece of art? I bet you even those overrated pieces that they tell you are unique are not. The human kind has been around too long for there to be unique creativeness, at least when it’s done for business. However, if you find the time and create your own style, it’s bound to be something a bit different. Not completely, there is never such thing, but there will be at least some kind of difference.

Restricting yourself to what your TV shows is a really bad thing. Although obviously the worse thing is not being able to afford something you like. There is almost nothing that reaches the poor or middle class, everyone is trying to please the rich folk. Thankfully the prices drop down after one season ends so those clothes become available to a larger public. And the combinations are endless – buy various pieces and match them with your own preferences and voila, you have a defined style.

One that won’t be anywhere near what the TV shows, or what people outside might wear, but it will be yours. It will be you, and nothing that anyone will say should prove you otherwise. Because at the end, if you don’t do things in life your way, you’ve basically given away your life to someone. Don’t do that. No one deserves that.