Reactions & Overreactions

Seriously, what is it with people not using their brain? There is a saying that I believe pretty much everyone knows: “Think twice before you speak.” Why do people not implement it in their daily life? Before you say or do anything, hold yourself for a while and just think what the outcome will be, what the results of your reactions will bring and whether or not you’re overreacting.

There is an unlimited amount of words and body moves one can make, and they’re all equally important. The difference between them can be what saves or loses a life at some point. We shape our lives and the future that lies ahead of us, and although we might not notice it instantly, our actions are what brings that future. Every little breath we take makes a difference and the more we act the more we influence the world.

Don’t be one of those people who ruin their future and because they’re careless and have no patience. You have the patience and power somewhere inside you, find it and make a better use of it. Don’t act without thinking.