Taste in Life

It might be just me, but “What kind of music do you like?” is one of the silliest questions I’ve heard, and it’s been bugging me lately when I hear that. It’s not that I don’t have a defined taste of music – I’m a rock person all the way, but I would never limit myself to only rock songs. I would listen to anything from pop to metal as long as I like the song, whether it is the lyrics, the music, or the voice of the singer/vocal that charms me.

I guess if that should be a response to that question, then I’m fine with it. But I find it amusing when someone tells me they listen only to one kind of music and nothing else. How can you limit yourself like that? That’s like saying chocolate ice-cream is the only type of ice-cream you would ever eat. But what about vanilla, stracciatella, cookies, and all the other wonderful flavors the world can offer? And even if you don’t like them, ain’t it better to find out that by trying rather than assuming so through ignorance? Where is the fun and adventure if you just throw aside things in life without getting in contact with them?

If there’s one goal I would like to achieve in life is to never stop experiencing new things, regardless if it’s visiting a new place or eating a new type of food. Who cares if everything sucks, at least I’ll have great stories to share with the people I love! And I’d feel really good and fulfilled because I’ve done all that. Because I’ve went through so much and moved on with a smile after everything. It’s really the ride that’s worth more than anything, and I definitely hope my life will have a lot of those, both up and down ones.

I’ll keep on listening to the songs I like, regardless of their genre, because it’s the little bits that are important in life, never the major things like a whole music genre. I’ll keep on trying new food, new books, new places, new clothes, new music, everything new. Only that way I can expand my horizon and become a better and stronger person.

So if you feel like judging me for my taste and pitying me about it, keep in mind I can return the pity for how shallow your life will be due to the limits you put on yourself. You truly are your own worst enemy.