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My First Blogging Award!

I woke up this morning with some exciting news – I got my first blogger award, from

Rosy is a fantastic blogger and it’s truly an honor to get this from her just a week after I stated blogging. Make sure to check out her blog, I promise you won’t regret it! She was one of the first people I followed after I joined. 😀 Thanks again, Rosy!

And I guess it’s now my turn to pass this along.  I decided to nominate 8 people, as I’m obviously still brand new to all this and haven’t really gotten around to knowing many people yet. Although it’s still not that easy to pick, with how many awesome people there are.

The Versatile Blogger:

Dee Dee @

Kolby @

Vicky @

Brendan @

Jill of all trades @

Jamie @

Kloi-Jayd @

Dances With Sweaters @

Thank you all for brightening my life on a daily basis. Feel free to check them out at your own risk – I am not responsible if you get hooked up. 😉