2 Steps Forward, 3 Steps Backward

A few weeks ago I read this article, basically asking why are people always portrayed so weak in works of fiction, specifically when it involves other species. For example, why does everyone think that if there was a zombie apocalypse human kind would be helpless to defend themselves? Or if aliens were to show up, why wouldn’t they be afraid of us instead of the opposite scenario? Do we truly believe human kind to be that inferior to other ‘possible’ species and why so? We’re so advanced and have all of these tools and various technologies at our disposal, so why would anyone even image a scenario that includes our downfall? I’d like to think that the answer is fairly simple and obvious: lack of integrity.

“We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”

It seems that despite the ridiculous number of years we’ve had to evolve, we have not seen much improvement in how we interact with each other. It’s almost as if all our focus has been to bend the environment for our needs, when all along we should have worked on taming the beasts inside us. All our primal instincts are based on survival, but at some point long time ago we should all have realized that survival can no longer be individual. No single man can ever be the ultimate survivor, we all have our expiration dates and sooner or later will bid our farewells. What can and should live on is the community we create throughout our existence — it’s the whole point of our existence, leaving a positive mark on the world with the hope that it helps create a better tomorrow.

Yet it seems that most of us forget this, we’re so divided among our selves that we’ve become our own worst enemy. Should zombies or aliens attack Earth, it’s not them we should fear, it’s not them who will destroy humanity, but human kind itself. Take The Walking Dead as a hypothetical example. In a world filled with zombies, it’s not the zombies that do the most damage to a group of surviving humans, but other groups of surviving humans. If the world was to come to an end tomorrow, people would turn against each other so as long as it meant that they will ensure their own survival. It’s as if years and years of turmoil, terror, and slaughter are too little to show us we need to start working together with each other instead of competing one against another.

It’s not all so black though, threads of grey and signs of white can be seen through the people who lend a hand to others in time of need. Which is all good and fine on its own, it shows that a good number of men are willing to provide aid to those who require it most. But we need to move on to the next step, we need to reach the level where we are all open to combining our forces for achieving common goals. As it stands now, the majority of people would push ahead of others, or rather push others down, just so they move forward, just so they ensure their own survival. Yes, it has always been like that. Yes, it’s not possible to completely erase this. Yes, society basically enforces this on people. But it does not have to be that way and it can be at least minimized. We’re not some primitive monkeys fighting over a banana tree anymore. Did our ancestors build these communities to live together, or for easier division of the people who live there?

We suffocate ourselves in labels, we have them for color, for religion, for politics, for sexual orientation, for physical appearance, for mental conditions, for habits and hobbies, etc. And to some extend the ‘labels’ are needed in order to make a difference in description, just like a lamp can be white, or black, or tall, or short, etc. It’s okay to know our differences and our similarities. What’s not needed is the division, discrimination, and hate among those groups. If your life depended on this other person, would you refuse their help just because they’re somehow different from you? We breed like our existence depends on it (ironically, it does, but we’ve reached a point where honestly having a child is no longer some miracle) but our life also depends on everyone around us, so why cannot we treat everyone as a miracle? A miracle would be to raise a kid in today’s society with proper values, to teach him or her how harsh this world has become and that retribution in the same manner is not the right course of action. To teach that child that the world is suffering and the only way to help is to help others, or if they’re not in a position to help then at least to treat everyone with respect.

Over 7 billion people live on Earth but those numbers alone cannot make a difference when so as long as everyone lives individually. Survival of the fittest may have worked when human kind lived in jungles among vicious predators, but we live in communities with other people now. We can’t allow ourselves to become the vicious predator. You don’t have to trust everyone or open up to everyone, but you have to at least be respectful of others and help them when you can. Remember that you have an expiration date just like everyone else and that your mission is to create a better world for those yet to come, for which we need less division, and more unity, less hate, and more love. You cannot be one in 7 billion, but you can accept your role as one of 7 billion. You cannot defeat 7 billion, but you can win as part of 7 billion.

The Land Beyond

A poem for a book that I’m working on currently – it describes the mythical land that everyone wants to find due to its treasures and beauty. It’s supposed to be short and detailed but yet mysterious. I actually don’t like it at the moment so if anyone has any suggestions do feel free to speak up! 🙂


Over the sea filled with poisonous water,

Over six mountains higher than the clouds,

There exists a place of divine mater

With no space for cowardly crowds.


It is only meant for the lucky few

Those who are brave and strong enough

To go looking for it in the unknown blue

And survive a path that is uncannily rough.


A land filled with gold and treasure,

Magical artifacts and books of all kinds,

Enough to provide a lifetime of leisure

But it sure isn’t for those with weak minds.


You may be seriously craving to go there,

But of the road ahead you better beware.