TV Guide

Yes, I’m officially back after a break of two month or so. Anyway, here’s my current TV guide!

Doctor Who – September 15th

How I Met Your Mother – September 24th

Modern Family – September 26th

The Big Bang Theory – September 27th

Grimm – September 28th

Family Guy – September 30th

Vampire Diaries – October 11th

Walking Dead – October 14th

American Horror Story – October 17th

Californication – January 2013

Game of Thrones – March 31st 2013

Breaking Bad – 2013

True Blood – 2013

To-Watch List:

Boardwalk Empire

Dexter – I know, I know, so behind on this one;

Downtown Abbey



Person of Interest


The Tudors


White Collar

Any other suggestions?

GoT Season 2 Review [Spoilers!]


courtesy of thisnameisbad on tumblr

Earlier in the season the lovely High Priestess from Ashai, Melisandre, warned us that the night is dark and full with terrors, which was proven in last week’s battle of Blackwater. However, she did not warn us that the day can also be full with terrors, which we see quite a lot of in the season finale. Although I guess with Winter at the door of Westeros, there is no longer a line between day and night for the terrors that roam the land.

To be honest when I watched Blackwater I was completely mind-blown. That was definitely one of the best episodes I have watched on TV and the reason is probably because the whole episode focused on that single piece of plot, the battle itself. But as the episode ended fear struck me – how the heck are they going to top THAT on the season finale? It felt like they had used up their ace card already and I was pretty much certain that the finale is going to feel like a let-down compared to S02E09.

I said to myself “you should have used this for the finale, HBO!” But I was obviously wrong.

The second season didn’t start off as great as I expected it to, but I think we can blame it on the fact that A) the second book is the boring one [based on what people have told me]; B) things were just warming up for the latter part of the season. I’m not complaining though, as with everything they showed us the last few episodes, they completely made up for it in my eyes. And went beyond what I had hoped for.

Probably what let me down in the first place was Renly’s “poor” death. Sure, the shadow demon scene was quite awesome, but I felt like we lost Renly way too soon and I kinda started liking him. My bad, I forgot what happened with Ned Stark last season. Darn you, Martin, can’t you at least save one of my favorites?

The only thing I knew for certain is that Tyrion did not die at the battle of Blackwater. Not because it was predictable or visible in the show, but I am simply not ready to see his head rolling on the floor. If he dies prior to the last season I know I’m done with the show (though I’m totally rooting for him to get that horridly uncomfortable iron throne!).

And I’m putting my hat down for Martin because he can really make me hate a character. He makes me love many, which makes a battle painful to watch as I have favorites on both sides, but he also makes me hate many. I probably yelled at my screen “DIE ALREADY, YOU PIECE OF CRAP!!” at least a dozen times on any scene with Theon or Joffrey. And I hated Joffrey from the bare start, so the Hound making him poop in his pants made Blackwater even more amazing.

Then on the next episode we see him sitting on the throne as if he’s in a pub with his gang, looking around for someone to pick on. Not that he’s able to pick on someone, he’s so shallow he still has his mommy giving him guidance (and the fool pitifully tries to argue her logic each time). That’s one spoiled brat you’re looking after, dear Cersei. Oh and yes, I got some respect back for her during Blackwater as well, though it was all blown up like with a wildfire explosion in the finale. I think I’m just going to stay neutral about her.

One thing that I am very glad about is the House of Undying scene with Daenerys. Dany was simply fantastic last season but her character this season was truly lost and she pretty much hit rock bottom when she lost her dragons. I’ve been waiting for what seems like eternity for her to find her way and finally bring some of that FIRE AND BLOOD that she kept threatening people with. She totally had the spotlight in last night’s season finale. Well her and the actual season ending with the Nightwatch’s horn. *horn blows* Hey, rangers are returning, it’s Jon Snow! *horn blows again* Oh no wait, it’s Wildlings, get ready to strike! *horn blows for the third time* Oh, crap! WHITE WALKERS!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!

And how very stereotypical, the fat boy falls and is left behind. I wonder where we’ve seen that before, Martin/HBO! 😛 I’m not complaining though, because it was not funny at all, it was all scary and mesmerizing, especially when the chief/cool White Walker Rider turned toward the camera. Chills ran through my body.

I shall end with the statement that I HIGHLY DISLIKE the fact that I now need to wait a whole year for a new season. I’m really glad they’re splitting Book 3 into two seasons, but it does not sooth my pain at the moment at all.

P.S. Yes, I’m avoiding talking about the wildfire explosion because if I start rambling about that, I won’t be able to stop. Best. Freaking. Thing.