Scripting the Truth – Virtual Book Tour

Monday is the universally hated day of the week, mostly because the things we look forward to tend to happen during the weekend. But I am here to present you with something that will make your day better! I have the honor of hosting the first stop on T. A. Henry’s Virtual Book Tour. As their first novel is about to be launched, you’ll have the chance to read excerpts from the novel itself and the opportunity to get to know the author. Additional info available by visiting their blog – don’t be shy and stop by!

For now, please enjoy an excerpt of their novel titled Scripting the Truth, followed by an interview with T. A. Henry herself!

Scripting the Truth Front cover finalStriding quickly across the house I located my mother in her sun room with a copy of Vogue newly sent airmail from across the pond. “I’m heading back to London by the eleven fifteen.”
Her slight startle revealed how absorbed by the new fashions she was. “Already, darling? You just came down by the four forty yesterday.”
I started to reply but she continued before I could decide on my defensive strategy.
“Your father and I wanted to talk to you.” Her voice held a plaintive note.
“Yes, I know. We discussed things this morning.”
“Don’t take on so. We just want to see you settled. Married perhaps?”
I kept my tone light. “Not a man on the horizon I’m afraid.”
“There could be if you weren’t so flighty. Stay down here. The hunting season will be starting soon. All the eligible bachelors of proper station will be spending huge swaths of time in the neighborhood.”
I ground my teeth to keep from telling her what I thought of men of a proper station. “I’ll come back down. You let me know when the situation is promising.” I smiled and hoped this would be enough to get me out the door.
Her excitement immediately went up a notch. “That is a wonderful idea. Why don’t I arrange a weekend shooting party? When shall we?”
I wanted to put the brakes on this out of control disaster but she was moving forward at a spitfire pace.
Swinging her legs off the edge of the fainting couch she strode across to her writing desk to consult the calendar there. “Three weeks you think? Or maybe four? I think four weeks to make sure I can really guarantee a good attendance. I’ll pencil that in.”
I swallowed hard. How to tell my mother this was not at all what I had meant. It was beyond impossible. Brigadier General Wingate always said we could do the impossible in a day but miracles took a bit longer. And this needed a miracle. It was time for me to bow out quickly. I could take my time in London to work out the details of my permanent escape from the safety of distance. “I must dash to make the train. Charles is waiting with the car.”
My mother crossed quickly to me and placed a kiss on my cheek. I allowed the embrace and briefly hugged her back, if one could call it a hug when you placed your hands on someone’s arms and mentally restrained yourself from shoving them bodily away from you.
I breathed a big sigh of relief as I slid into the back of the Rolls Royce Silver Wraith. “Drive Charles and be quick about it. I can’t miss this train.”
“Yes milady.” Charles nodded his understanding.
As we rolled out the gates I felt tension start to ebb from my shoulders. I would have liked to imagine my mother meant well. But I knew what was best for me was the last thing on her mind. She was only acting according to what she knew, to the dictates of her world. Marry off your daughter and marry her off well. I was her only daughter. My war service had been a huge strain on her, so far was it from her idea of appropriate behavior for someone of my status. My brothers went at the first sign of trouble and although she cried she was proud. I couldn’t understand why I should be any different. We just lived in different worlds, with rules as far apart as the Sun and Moon. By the time I finished these musings we were pulling up to the station in Portsmouth. I would catch the London express here.

  • Give us a short introduction of who you are.

I am a Pacific Northwest transplant who loves it here. I am a stay at home mom who home schools her only kiddo. I hike, crochet, and yoga with all my spare time. LOL. I like to think I am funny. I hear I am a good friend. I think the secret to that is I have very little judgement.

  • Do you remember when you first started writing, and why?
The first thing I remember writing was a poem on environmental concerns for a poetry contest when I was in third or fourth grade maybe. It was not a positive experience. They hung up all the works in the local public library with what ribbon: first, second, third, or honorable mention. I was the only one without a ribbon of some sort on my poem. I cried for days.
  • Some authors have their own habits and rituals, others like waiting for creativity to pay them a visit. What’s your writing process?
I usually wait for creativity to hit. But I write down every little idea that flies by me. So then when I need a topic for Nanowrimo I flip through  my idea book and see what attacks me. Then I go to the library and get books, lots of books. I read everything I can about the idea, anything that might possibly apply. I think that’s the crux of my process, research. Probably more than is reasonable but having so many little bits of information available when I am writing gives me options. It makes it harder to write myself into a corner.
  • Do you read a lot? What do you look for in a book?
I read as much as I can. I do make an effort to get through as many as I can, as I post a book review every week and I try not to review books I haven’t read immediately before reviewing, it feels unfair to the work. I mostly read non fiction with a smattering of brain pudding books, ie fluffy fiction that requires no effort to get through – slides down like vanilla pudding.
  • A book of course is a collection of many elements – settings, plot, characters, conflicts, etc. Which one would you say is the strongest suit of your book?
wow. Um. LOL. Ok so I think what I bring to the table is a combination of characters and dialogue. I have great dialogue. There’s always a touch of humor sprinkling through. I like life to be an adventure. I try to make my books feel a bit like that.
  • How much of a challenge was completing this novel?
This novel was cake. Total cake. I loved it. It practically wrote itself. I know it sounds like total malarkey but it’s true. Now my spy novel on the other hand is like a root canal with no Novocaine while having broken bones set by a mortician. Yeah.
  • Any fun facts or interesting anecdotes about the novel or its creation that you can share?
I wrote Scripting the Truth during Nanowrimo, my third one, and it was the first time I ever won.
  • Now that this novel is ready, what are you keeping busy with? Can we expect other novels in the future?
Right now I am working out all my marketing and trying to prepare for this year’s Nanowrimo. I will be writing a murder mystery. I am super excited to kill some people off and have it not be a huge dramatic thing. LOL.
  • Is there any advice you want to give to aspiring authors?
Do not listen to any voice that tells you, you can’t. Whether it’s your own voice or someone else’s.

Thank you, T. A. Henry for this opportunity and for your time. Hope the launch goes smoothly and there’s lots more to come after Scripting the Truth!