There & Back Again

If this blog could speak up, I’m sure I would have been yelled at many, many times, and probably dumped several months ago which was like the second or third time I left it high and dry. Thank goodness it’s not that clingy to a long-term relationship. That being said, I’m excited to have it back up and running again. In fact, I’ve been excited about that since December, I just never got around to actually doing something with the excitement until I decided if I don’t start somewhere, I won’t get anywhere.

Let me do just a quick overview of some significant and non-significant elements of the past few months. I feel like some excuses (yes, plural is needed here!) are overdue.

  • September: Moving back to my Uni city, lack of internet, and a plethora of exams.
  • October : Hiding behind books, reading and getting ready for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), the month when thousands and thousands of people challenge themselves with the idea to produce a 50,000 words novel, without the use of any spells, charms, magical objects or potions. Except coffee, as per usual.
  • November: NaNoWriMo, or otherwise known as Doomsday. I’m that person that constantly leans toward writing, but never really gets anywhere with it, and it bugs the hell out of me. The number of ideas, plots, characters, and actual scenes that I go through inside my head on a daily and nightly basis, yet none of those live to see fruition or progress of any kind. This was my third, or maybe fourth year of trying NaNoWriMo (yes, I lost count), but ‘trying’ is too big of a word for what I did in the past years. The first few days I’d do some writing, and tell myself I’ll catch up eventually, and then a writer’s block would cut me off and I’d just never get back to it. This year I made myself a promise I’ll reach 50k words by the end of November even if it meant going Looney Tuns crazy.
  • December: I FREAKING DID IT!!! And spend the first five days recovering, obviously. Then it was time to cherish the rewards, as well as read some new books. Oh, squeeze continue writing the book in there too.
  • January: Christmas is on the 7th of January over here so my holidays period is basically from New Year’s till around the 10th. Obviously I squeezed some writing here as well, and thankfully am done on that front (now the book just needs to sit in the bad corner for a few months, at which point I’ll go back to it and slap myself for all the dumb things I’ve written. And throw it out of the window ala Bradley Cooper style). Another extra sessions took place to wrap up the month nicely.
  • February: And it seems the shortest month will allow me to breathe the longest. While still busy, I actually have some extra free time for a change.

Wasn’t that fun? No, it wasn’t. But it’s my blog and I had to get it out. I truly did not plan to simply disappear from the blog without a word or notice, it just happened and I kept postponing the return. What I didn’t postpone was keeping in pace with the ridiculous number of TV Shows I watch, and playing Blizzard’s Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft ever since I got in the closed beta. Really thankful I got in then, it let me get prepared for the influx of newbies now that the game is in open beta state.

To get back on topic though, I’ve come up with a few project ideas I’m working on for the blog. A list of examples, because lists are pretty:

  • 2013 TV show awards, without all the crappy politics that tend to get in the way with the actual awards;
  • Fall TV 2013, quick review of all the new TV shows that premiered this fall;
  • 86th Oscars predictions, because I somehow always watch them yet I have never seen half the movies but this year I’ve compiled a list of the ones I haven’t seen yet and will be doing that during the month of February;
  • Personal master TV ratings list for all the shows I’ve seen, though I opted for a rather complicated system and it may be a while by the time I complete my spreadsheet (have you not noticed yet how seriously I take my shows?);
  • Graphic exhibition page, because I’ve been spending extra time with PS6 and feel like showing off some of the ones I created from scratch – hey, I ain’t no Picasso but Kim Kardashian ain’t no host and look at her.

One step at a time though. I also need to catch up with the folks I’m following to see what they’ve been up to, and I do feel I need to get some sleep. Sleep is nice. Else we’d be like the gif below.

Bunny Coma