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Top Ten Thursday: New Summer/Fall TV Shows

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I’m basically cheating at this point but whatever, I’m doing another weekly feature – Top Ten Thursday. Except this time around I’m not limiting it to a single theme, meaning one week it may be about my top then books of 2014, while the other week it’s about my top ten ways of wasting time when you’re bored at home (here’s me hoping I don’t actually end up publishing the latter). I haven’t yet covered any shows from this summer/fall period so I’m doing this now.


Or in other words, shows I haven’t seen yet that could be good based on description and reviews. Feel free to skip these if you’re only interested in the top 10 list.

Jane the Virgin (CW) – TRAILER

Feels weird opening the list with this title, but apparently the show’s not as cheesy as the title itself. A woman who’s decided to remain a virgin suddenly finds herself pregnant – no miracle though, a doctor just accidentally inseminated her artificially. I’ve strayed away because it doesn’t seem that funny to be worth watching, but it’s actually got good reviews.

The Leftovers (HBO) – TRAILER

2% of the world’s population mysteriously disappears. The “leftovers” have to rebuild their lives and continue without their lost ones, unable to understand how they disappeared or where to. Okay when you put it that way it doesn’t actually sound very appealing.

Murder in the First (TNT) – TRAILER

The series focuses on a single murder case, from the committing of the same to the trial for it, and everything in between. Depending on the details of the case, that  could be great.

Red Band Society (FOX)TRAILER

From the point of view of a boy in coma, we see the lives of a group of teenagers in a hospital. Comments see to go along the lines of “this is what Glee should have been like”, but this doesn’t seem similar to Glee to me.


An “on-call” doctor who does surgeries for cash. Except it’s never just that simple, is it?


10. Power (Starz) – TRAILER

A drug dealer struggles to juggle his business, family life, covering up the drug dealing by opening a new club, and rekindling fires with an old love interest. Yeah, it’s messy and not that good but it’s still decent and can keep you entertained.

9. Tyrant (FX) – TRAILER

This show had such huge potential yet it decided to throw it all out of the window (it’s still good, but boy it could have been way better). A Californian pediatrician is  a son to a Middle Eastern dictator. As a form of vacation he agrees to take his family there for his nephew’s wedding. But things quickly get complicated and the family gets pulled into events that prevent them from leaving.

8. Outlander (Starz) – TRAILER

Based on the series with the same name by Diana Gabaldon, in which a certain Claire Randall, a combat nurse from 1945 is sent back in time to 1743 under mysterious conditions. With no obvious way to go back, she’s forced to adapt, pretend, and live in her new world while looking for a way back home.

7. Constantine (NBC) – TRAILER

We’re gonna have to file this under disappointments – when I hear “Fantasy” and “Horror” I certainly expect a lot more than what Constantine puts on the table. And yes, this is in essence the same John Constantine from the movie “Constantine” back in 2005. A man knowledgeable in the art of magic and demons goes on the hunt to prevent the uprising of a great evil. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad, but it certainly isn’t anything special or something that hasn’t been done.

6. Penny Dreadful (Showtime) – TRAILER

Speaking of things that haven’t been done before, Penny Dreadful. Which I can’t really explain because of all the characters and plots it tries to juggle at the same time. It uses A LOT of characters from 19th-century British and Irish fiction (Dorian Grey, Victor Frankenstein with his monster, Abraham van Helsing and Mina Harker, etc.) but changes them for the show’s purposes and to fit with what they’re trying to do (and I’m still not fully sure what that is, but the cast is fantastic so the show’s easy to digest).

5. Extant (CBS) – TRAILER

If there ever existed a goddess of disappointment, it’s Halle Berry. I genuinely liked the plot of the series — an astronaut goes on a 13-months-long solo space mission, yet returns home pregnant. While she tries to understand what has happened, she has her baby (which is developing with a crazy speed) extracted from her. And no mother ain’t leaving her baby, human or alien, so she sets on a mission to find it. Meanwhile her husband’s struggling to keep the development of their prototype android son (a “humanich”), Ethan, in order.

4. The Strain (FX) – TRAILER

Look folks, it’s Mr, Filch! To address the elephant in the room, the acting is poor and the writing is ridiculously convenient for the events that take place (read: the writers seem to doing things the way they suit them). A virus outbreak starts in New York City, and surprise, surprise, it’s pretty much the zombie apocalypse. Except it’s not. They’re not actual zombies, more like zombie-vampire hybrids because their master is in fact a vampire. But the scary, creepy, fantasy-type of vampire and not Twilight’s sparkling twink-type of vampire. Despite all its flaws (weak acting and writing), the potential in this show is huge and one can only hope the crew decides to step up their game.

3. Gotham (FOX) – TRAILER

Basically, the place before Batman. It focuses on James Gordon’s rise in Gotham, but it includes a plethora of characters from the DC world. Some are obviously shown for the sake of showing them, earning themselves extra credit with the audience. But it’s definitely worth the watch if you ever get the time.

2. How to Get Away with Murder (ABC) – TRAILER

The show starts with a Criminal Law class which the professor likes calling how to get away with murder. The professor is a defense attorney and she has the students analyze her cases in order to provide them with some actual practice on the matter. She gives them a test and selects a group of 5 students which will remain to work for her. However, not everything in the professor’s life is as smooth as she’d like the world to believe and events soon unravel that change everything for the whole group. I can’t get enough of this, honestly.

1. The Flash (CW) – TRAILER

The CW used to be the teenage girl’s channel, poorly written stuff with no acting, but a lot of apparent eye-candy material. I guess the Arrow started in the same way, but once they got all the cliches out during the first season, they proved they can make a quality TV show starting from season two. Having learned their lesson through the Arrow series, this year they’ve brought the Flash, which quite honestly is so good it’s a bit scary how good it is. No need to explain the plot, it sorta follows the Flash’s story from the comics. Best part? They’re doing crossover episodes with the Arrow. Worst part? Not sure how the other shows can top this.

What do you think? Agree/disagree with any points of the list? Think I’ve missed some shows worth noting (and watching – I’m always looking for new recommendations)? Let me know in the comments.