Lord Voldemort

Small Update

It’s been almost 2 weeks since my last visit at WordPress. I’m all fine, if anyone got worried, I was simply taking a break from writing and reading blogs. And I still am, I’ll be back in a week or two tops. I’m just waiting for my life to calm down from hectic to fine so that I can devote more time to blogging again.

I watched the Olympic Opening Ceremony, and I must say that JK Rowling and the giant Lord Voldemort were fantastic on the scene. Though the best moment was definitely Rowan Atkinson’s performance (Mr. Bean or Johnny English if you will).

The Queen’s face lacking a smile through the whole thing produced some good “Off with their heads!” and “I’m not amused.” jokes. I think the company is what made it really worth watching.

Anyway, I’m still seeing my great share of True Blood (up to Season 4 now), Modern Family (gonna start Season 3 soon), and Family Guy (up to Season 6) among other things. Meaning there will be lots of reviews when I finally get back, along with many stories to tell and hopefully pretty photos to share.

I’ll be catching up with your blogs then too, don’t think I’ve forgotten about your blogs – you can’t get rid of me that easily. 😛