What the heck is a Limit?!


  • Limit (noun, lim-it, \ˈli-mət\) – a : something that bounds, restrains, or confines; b : the utmost extent

I would like to argue the definition written above, for the most simple reason out there: there is literally nothing more flexible than a limit. What is your limit today, can become your starting point tomorrow. Look at sportsmen, they start as little kids playing a game, and grow up into professionals who get paid because of how far they’ve pushed the limit in their area.  For the human kind the sky we see outside used to be the limit once upon a time, but that is no longer the case. Now that we’ve pushed that limit aside, we get a much broader and rewarding image whenever we look at the sky.

Even scientists might beg to differ and show some lovely statistics to back up their arguments, but what about the exceptions and who decides who gets to be an exception? Why can’t everyone be an exception? The reason is simple, because people fear to push their limits or do not have the conditions to do so. Genetically or even physically, one might not have sports in their blood, but there came the Paralympic Games (and basically versions of all sports played by people with disabilities). The limit was pushed for disabled people. No, it wasn’t pushed, they pushed it themselves. Racism used to keep a whole portion of the human kind as slaves, but that is no longer the case — another major limit that was pushed. The examples are countless and all around us, we just need to look.

As Albert Einstein has said, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” So can scientists and statisticians and politicians and doctors and who else not, tell you where your limits are. But those are not your limits, not truly, because every boundary can be pushed and so can your limits be moved. Why should you stop here and not move further? Because someone else told you to? The world might not be as united as it used to be, so you might need to sink into your own soul to find the motivation and hope to keep moving because everyone around you will keep telling you to stop but you don’t have to. That light at the end of the tunnel everyone keeps speaking about? Don’t let that light be your last stop, move beyond into the magnificence that lies behind it. Grab a piece of the forbidden fruit not because of others or because of spite, do it because you can.

If we all gave up, the human kind would join history alongside the Dinosaurs. Don’t think of what if something happened otherwise, think what if something happens otherwise. What’s done is done, but what’s to come can still be undone. Do not at any point feel bad about yourself, as then you’ll be placing the worse limits a human being can, shutting down themselves completely and on their own. No one said it’s going to be easy but if you just give yourself a little push, you might notice the world moving forward with you. If you fall behind, people will leave you, but if you get ahead, you may even get to help others. Help human kind push the limits it trapped itself with these days. We got from making fire from sticks and stones to possible blowing up countries. Something, somewhere, took a wrong turn, and while we cannot change the present we can aim for a brighter future. Start today by expanding the boundaries society has given you.

Life in Colors


Image courtesy of romuloassis on tumblr; thanks to Andreza on weheartit;

Unleash your imagination and you can turn your summer or even your whole life into a wonderful mixture of beautiful colors. Keep on fighting and never give up even if it’s truly hard – it will all be worth it in the end. 🙂