good weather


After what seemed an eternity, the heat is finally gone. I know it’s only temporarily, but the weather outside is currently a mixture of strong wind, soft rain, and occasional thunders – it’s perfect! Usually at around 4 pm in the afternoon I would hide at home with all windows closed and the blinds down, but not today. Today I have the windows wide open and I’m gazing at the weather s if it’s the love of my life.

Can’t wait to go on a walk after it’s all over and done. I can almost feel what the air will feel like! I’m off to enjoy the view some more, stay safe y’all!

It’s a Beautiful Day

I haven’t done a proper running since last summer so I decided today should be the day I start again. The weather was simply perfect for getting back in shape and losing some of that fat that I managed to pile up during the winter. I must say, it felt refreshing to do this after a long while. I forgot how I used to get lost in the beauty around me and escape in the world from my head. 🙂

I took these photos with my cellphone to show you how lovely it is outside!