Sadness, Be Gone!

I’ve been a bit behind on both writing and reading blog posts, and I truly am sorry about that. I wish I had more time on my hands, but alas, I cannot travel in time. Anyway, this post is on request of a certain dorky person I love a lot. She’s been feeling sad, and I’m here to change that!

We meet new people on a daily basis, but when exactly do we classify one as a friend? From what point do we decide to allow ourselves to trust them? The only right answer here would be “it doesn’t matter.” What is important is to not become dependent on people. Friends are friends, they’re fun to have around, but it also hurts when they leave or turn their back on you. So one needs to be able to keep their distance, at least until they’re sure they have chosen the right company.

In my 20 years of life which seemed rather long, I have changed my group of friends a couple of times at the least. Even nowadays, with the friends with whom I’ve spent the last several years, I cannot consider everyone a true friend. The fact is that the more time you spend with people, you will discover more and more about them and their acts. By observing their deeds you can understand who is worth keeping around and who isn’t. You don’t need a dozen of fake friends in your life, you just need a close few who will be there for you no matter what.

Sure, the more the merrier, but only as long as you know them well and you are sure they can be trusted. Either way, you should never let friendship become a necessity. Support is great, but family should also be able to provide that, and even if it can’t, there is still no excuse for leading your life in the form of liability. Everyone has their weak and strong sides, you need to work on improving the first and channeling the latter to maximum. This way you will provide yourself with support, instead of relying on other people. Because if someone who trusts becomes someone who hurts you, you will find yourself in a bad place.

Yet not trusting anyone won’t do you any good, you need to open yourself to others. You need to let go of your stress and emotions in order to prevent a possible explosion in your head. But, you also must take care and never linger on the past or lost friends. Friends are like cookies – the really good ones are very rare. And you also need to work on those cookies if they are to become very good – your actions can influence others and make them better people (or well, worse people otherwise).

Basically, don’t feel bad if you break a friendship because that “friend” hurt you. If they were your friend they wouldn’t have hurt you in the first place. You are the tree of life, they are rotten branches – cut them off. No worries, you’ll grow new ones very soon. As long as the sun is shining and your feet are on the Earth, this circle will never end. Let the bad branches fall and spring new ones, better ones, show the old ones that it’s them who have lost, not you.

You are as radiant and beautiful as the sun is – act that way. Don’t let a few small rocks from outer space screw up your route. Let your ignorance burn them down, turn the way your true friends are. *hugs* 🙂

Friend or foe – that is the question.

courtesy of Deniz at tumblr

Friendships used to be my favorite type of “ships” when I was a kid. Nowadays however, people have become highly skilled at wearing masks and shadowing their true nature. It is almost impossible to know whether or not someone is a true friend until you fall into the abyss and you are left at the merciless hands of friendship. Will they give you a hand, or will they run away at the first chance they get? There is only one way to find out.

Cowardice and betrayal are probably the things I hate the most, and anyone willing to stab you in the back after you have helped them just doesn’t deserve your attention. Of course, everyone deserves a second chance, but not everyone should get it. Although it might not seem like that, life is rather short. There is no place to play games and waste time figuring out who your friends are – it has to be obvious. If someone hurts you, you don’t have to necessarily turn your back to them, but don’t put them ahead of you as well. We were born alone, and the best we can give to those that deserve it is to keep them beside us.

A certain quote says “Don’t let someone be priority if you’re just an option to them.” As noble and honorable as it is to go out of your way to help others, it is not worth if you don’t get at least some respect for your troubles. No, this doesn’t mean you should become selfish, but simply more careful. It hurts beyond words when someone who you hold dear works behind your back and you should do something instead of waiting to learn that with personal experience. It is not difficult at all to say a single ‘thank you’ where it is rightful to do so, and if someone can’t do that then you should reconsider if that person is truly your friend.

Some of us are more of the loner type, we trust just ourselves, but we still come to other people’s aid when we can. And get nothing no recognition for it – not now, not in the past, not even in the future. And who cares about the future anyway, it is a long way from now and we need to live in the present. For business it might be good to think about the future, but for everyday life it is best to keep your thoughts focused on the present.

If you can’t do anything else, give it to people’s knowing that you dislike how they never even thank you when you help them. After all, an open honest friendship is better than one based on lies and treachery. If this shatters your friendship don’t fret, it just shows that you have done the right decision.