The 5 Most Underrated Jobs

All of these obviously being chosen in my opinion. Do feel free to leave a comment saying which one(s) you believe is the most underrated job, even if it is not listed below.

Professional Referee

The salary might be nice and all, depending on which sports and on what occasions you are refereeing, but the job entails too much work and professionalism on a high level while receiving almost no credit. A referee gets to follow a whole match up-close and must be concentrated enough to not leave out a single game detail. Decision making is supposed to be lightning fast, on the spot, and fully correct. You need the game knowledge better than that one of a player, but unlike players who can make mistakes in gameplay, a referee cannot.A player can redeem their bad gameplay simply by improving in their next match, while a single mistake from a referee’s side and it will haunt them for the rest of their career. Players get all the fame and recognition, and there is no one to pat referees on the back for a job well done. While following the Eurobasket 2013 Championship, it felt rather obvious to me that it pretty much sucks to be in a referee’s shoes, regardless of what they get paid.

Mathematical Technician

Say what?! If you do a worldwide poll on what is the most evil thing in human kind’s creation, mathematics will definitely be somewhere at the top of that list, if not on the top itself. So it comes as no surprise that even though this job would seem like rocket science to the average man and it takes a genius to do it, you’d be marked a fool by the majority of Earth’s population when they hear what your job is. It might as well be one of the hardest jobs, yet it is the least wanted one. Chances are, there aren’t even enough openings for positions in this field so there is no need for additional people hunting the position, but simply logic points out what is hard to achieve should be praised. Math obviously breaks all laws of logic — you’d be getting worried looks rather than congratulations for your job position!


If you had a wish to become and Astronaut but flying scared you, yet mathematics didn’t, it’s likely you’d end up specializing in the field of Astronomy. It takes immense brainpower to do the studying of celestial bodies, including stars, planets and whole galaxies. More so when the job requires researching, observing, measuring, and developing and interpreting theories to explain extraterrestrial activity with the use of intricate mathematics. It sounds like a lovely job, gazing at stars. Except that’s what you do when you’re still a child, here you’re doing extensive studies that rarely one can understand. Very high on the list of unappreciated and hard-to-get jobs.


Say what?! again. Very small number of positions (and mainly very badly paid ones too) for cartographers, ecology, climatology, and various other specializations that come from Geography. It might not be the hardest job one can have, but it still requires brainpower and extensive study. One has to identify, analyze and interpret the features on earth’s surface along with their arrangement and distribution; and if that isn’t enough the job includes the identification, analyzing, and interpreting of various climate and ecological patterns in those same areas on Earth. But to most people saying you’ve got a job as a Geographer sounds like you’re saying you can point on a geography map with precision.

Newspaper Reporter

It takes no special qualifications to get the job, but it is definitely more of a burden rather than a joyful experience. No one really reads the name of the reporters, the headline is what we notice and what leads us to read the article — only after the article as a whole leaves an impression does one check who the reporter is. Yet these news are not fiction, they’re actual happenings. A reporter has to go beyond their way to get a story, and then go beyond to make that story appealing to the audience. Extensive research and charisma are really small words to capture what is needed to stand out in this job. Stress seems like the more suitable word to describe it. Ridiculously tiny number of positions, working with deadlines, bad payment, and drastically lowering paper audience are just some of the reasons this job gets at the top of the underrated jobs list.

What is the most underrated job in your opinion? Disagree or agree with any of the above listed?


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