Affleck vs. Superman


People’s Reaction

This post has been cooking for a while, ever since a few days ago I woke up to an imploding internet. The night before that it had been announced that Ben Affleck has been confirmed to play the role of Batman in the upcoming sequel of Man of Steel.

There is obviously nothing wrong with everyone voicing out their opinion. Even though we’ve previously done grave errors in that field, for example when Heath Ledger was cast for the role of the Joker back in 2006 everyone hated him, but after seeing the movie our opinion was that he made the best Joker to date. Yet although “learn from your mistakes” is often advice from all of us, we will obviously not stop  judging a book by its cover. Having doubts about Ben Affleck playing the Batman, after seeing DareDevil, is complete fine. What isn’t fine is breaking all limit to change something so simple. That same day when this announcement was made, a petition was started on requesting that Ben Affleck never even puts on Batman’s suit. 10,000 people rushed to vote toward this, as if they’re trying to save an extinct animal or as if their lives depend on it.


My Reaction

It is wonderful seeing all of humanity working together on one goal, but I cannot ignore the fact that a simple petition that WOULD make a general difference for the greater good of everyone would take weeks to reach that number of votes. Yet when it comes to a simple movie role the whole planet petitions for an actor to be fired simply because they do not think he’s worth the role. Mind you, to make matters worse their opinion that Ben Affleck would not fit this role is based on a movie from 10 years ago which if we’re being honest was not great overall, but in no way was he the reason for that. Even if he ruined DareDevil, how can we not give him a second chance? How can we not trust in Zack Snyder’s decisions? And why the heck are we judging him on his Batman role when he has yet to portray it?

I’m no fan of Ben Affleck, not because I dislike his roles but simply because I have not truly enjoyed them or in general do not like the type of movies he’s mostly cast in. But we have not seen his portrayal in a proper Superhero movie, beside Daredevil, and if nothing else I would be willing to give him a try. He might not be the Batman we want right now, but we are not in charge of the movie and everyone needs to just sit and calm down or go play outside with their Batman capes. That would certainly be better than trying to rob someone of a possibly great role. Unless you’re a Time Lord and have witnessed with your own eyes that in the future Ben Affleck completely ruins the Batman, your opinion should in no way influence the course of actions that Batman vs. Superman takes. Alas, I leave you with the reaction of Despicable Me‘s Minions to this decision.


Minions’ Reaction



  1. I would have preferred the rumors of Richard Armitage as Batman to be true, but seeing as I didn’t even like Christian Bale as Batman to begin with, Affleck being casted is eh. Still, I’m willing to suspend prejudices to see what Snyder comes up with. After all, Nolan did good on the last two Dark Knight movies (I wasn’t a big fan of the first). And much to the pooh-pooh-ing of the critics, I loved Man of Steel, so if Snyder thinks Affleck can play Batman, who am I to judge?

    (Plus, there is his role in Shakespeare in Love >_>)


    1. I actually wasn’t a fan of Christian Bale being the Batman too, but I did like what Nolan did with the movies and eventually Bale’s role was fitting for it. He might not have been the best Batman, but he fit in for that version of the Batman in my opinion. So here’s me hoping that there is obviously a good reason why Affleck was cast for the role and it’s not a randomly-made decision.


  2. I think casting Affleck is a sound and safe decision, he’s not going to ruin the movie. About the petition, yeah it’s great to see everyone working together towards a common goal but really? Silly people haha.


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