Terms & Disagreements

Not sure how many people have visited my About page to know this, so for everyone to understand this the short version is I assist with a browser game as ingame support. That means whenever people are experiencing issues, need help, or have broken the game rules and were banned, I answer them.

The one thing that strikes me as a very poor habit for folks who break the rules is their approach to the matter. The obvious first message is “I didn’t do anything, please explain the reasoning for this and kindly unban my account” (well if we’re being honest it’s more often that people demand this rather than to ask nicely but for the sake of humanity we’ll try to show a nice approach). The obvious reply here, is explaining to them what they did wrong and pointing it out in the game rules. Then comes the horrid part from their side: “I’m sorry, I didn’t know. Being sorry is nice and all, but it does not in any way fix the problem. One might be sorry for breaking a car’s window, but the sorry would not magically fix the window, unfortunately.

The other part of that message makes things even worse — how can one not know the terms and agreements for a product they’re using? Or, to phrase things better, how is not knowing the terms and agreements for the use of a product a valid excuse? It’s not, fair and simple. You agree to follow all game rules and basically sign a contract (even though you’re not leaving your signature on it, agreeing to those terms and agreements means signing a contract with the game’s company) for this, yet you’re not even a bit interested in what you’re agreeing to? You’ve agreed to not do something, and if you do it, you’ve broken the contract — not reading it before signing it does not justify the breach.

I’m not the one to sit and read lengthy terms and agreements of use, or game rules, or whatever it might be, but if they refer to me then I skim through them so that I at least have a vague idea of what I’m binding myself to. Otherwise it is ridiculously easy for someone to just slip a sentence in there that by agreeing to that you’re giving away your firstborn child. Your child might be no prince or princess but his life is of equal value as any prince or princess. But, all jokes aside, you could be agreeing to something outrageous by not paying attention to a contract.

Have we gotten that lazy that we cannot spare a moment or two to give a glance when we sign a contract? Or have we gotten so ignorant that we do not care what we’re agreeing to because we believe whatever it is no harm can come out of it? Not everyone falls in this group, obviously, and bravo to all who don’t. Yet, as generations come and go, the one thing that gets stronger is the fading of the caring part of humanity. We’ve acquired all this new technology and can reach the stars, but we’ve become blind to what’s right under our nose.  One would expect a bit more from a being that has undergone an evolution of two million years.

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