Blog Issues

I think it’s about time I accepted the fact that I’d never be happy with my blog’s theme. I’ve changed it at least 5 times during the time I’ve had the blog, and have tried out pretty much every possible option out there. Not a lot to work with, especially in the Free department as you’re limited with the customizing.

But, I at least managed to get something a bit fresher going than that dark muddy one I was using up till now. I also added a few pages at the top of the site, and in addition, edited out the widgets/menus on the right side and following Rosy’s example I added a Blog Randomizer (you click it and it shows you a random post of mine). Feel free to visit Rosy over at:

The randomizer on my blog hides behind the following image, which is courtesy of Rarasaur, and you may visit their post if you’re interested in creating your own blog post randomizer:


You’ll notice my Tardis image on the right side along with the rest of the widgets/menus.

Based on the tags world cloud I also added, my most common writing topics include: life, photography, True Blood, and TV Shows. Though closely followed by fun, summer, and photos, so that’s saying something. I must have been enjoying my summer too much and bothering you with photos.

Either way, my blog might be a bit more alive today than ever, but it’s still ridiculously late here so I’m headed to bed. See you all in the morning!


  1. I have the “free” look too. This ones is nice. It’s a color combo that’s easy to the eye. And – you can never go wrong with the color of the sea 🙂


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