The Future of Video Games

This might be just the thoughts of a University Student, but I feel like once you leave High School you just don’t have the same amount of time to dedicate to playing those massive RP or Strategy video games you used to enjoy. That is, if you did play video games throughout your teen years. There’s just too much one needs to ‘sacrifice’ in order to continue enjoying the wonders of massive video games.

  • Money. Yes, you actually need to make sure you meet the game’s requirements. You will need a computer (Merlin knows you don’t want a laptop for gaming) whose parts are all up to date so that you can enjoy your games. You don’t want any lag or system failures when you sit down for gaming. This might not seem like a huge issue at first, but ask a gamer and you’ll see that it’s not a small “investment.”
  • Space. You cannot play a game properly if there is a group of people with you in the room. You need complete concentration so you want to be situated nicely for this. Have a room of your own at least.
  • Time. Probably the biggest issue. While almost any game nowadays gives you the option to save your progress, you still need a few good hours to devote to this from time to time. It’s not fun to quickly make small progress and leave half an hour after you’ve started playing. And to be honest, when you are at Uni, you’re busy most of the time. Then you get a job, and then comes family with kids and all the responsibilities. So this is really a depleted resource and kudos if you have excess of it. I really do hope you know how to appreciate it.

What does this mean? Well, from my viewpoint, this means the future of video games lies in mini-games and MMO (massive multiplayer online) games. By mini-games I mean all those tiny games you see on the social networks and various other websites. Yes, games you can either finish in an hour or so, or games who take only that much for progress. On the other hand, the thing that makes MMOs so great is the competitiveness among the players. It’s you against anyone in the world, really.

As much as I hate to admit it, I rarely find the time to enjoy a good massive video game. I often end up playing a MMO (yeah, mostly some of those click-and-leave-while-you-wait-for-upgrades games) or just get a mini-game where the levels take no more than 5 minutes to pass. And then I just continue with the levels when I get a bit of free time.

That’s all we really get nowadays. Crumbs of free time. So use them wise, because you won’t get them back.


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