TV Guide

Yes, I’m officially back after a break of two month or so. Anyway, here’s my current TV guide!

Doctor Who – September 15th

How I Met Your Mother – September 24th

Modern Family – September 26th

The Big Bang Theory – September 27th

Grimm – September 28th

Family Guy – September 30th

Vampire Diaries – October 11th

Walking Dead – October 14th

American Horror Story – October 17th

Californication – January 2013

Game of Thrones – March 31st 2013

Breaking Bad – 2013

True Blood – 2013

To-Watch List:

Boardwalk Empire

Dexter – I know, I know, so behind on this one;

Downtown Abbey



Person of Interest


The Tudors


White Collar

Any other suggestions?


  1. HEEEEEEEEY – Welcome back!
    Hope you’ve enjoyed your summer. You have definitely been missed here young fella’.
    I’m with TrueMisterSix on Justified. I haven’t seen or heard of Boarwalk Empire. I will have to check that one out.
    Going back in time…If you haven’t seen them already – The Tudors (Was Showtime) & Downton Abbey (PBS)


    1. Thanks! I had a busy summer but at least I still managed to watch a good share of TV stuff. Or catch up with stuff I have missed. Looking forward to getting back on my feet again blogging-wise!
      Also thanks for the recommendations, I’ve heard of both but haven’t really gotten around to looking them up – I’m adding them to my list now! 😀


  2. I have watched the tudors and downton abbey = AMAZING! I would also suggest The Borgias (Showtime and same writer as the tudors), Revenge and Happy Endings.If you like Gory stuff like 300 then Spartacus is the way to go. Also, 30 rock. All of these shows I love….. as well as many others.


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