Euro 2012 Final – Spain vs. Italy

UPDATE #2: It’s over with 4-0 for Spain! Not only did Italy not pick up their game in the second half time, but they allowed Spain to score twice too. So it’s official now, Spain is the first team to win two consecutive European Championships. Congratulations!

UPDATE #1: It’s half time! And the score is 2-0 for Spain. I am seriously disappointed by Italy.

Yes! It’s happening in about half an hour and it’s gonna be grand. Or at least I hope it will. I’m just glad I got back in time to get a shower and sit down with a nice cold beer to watch the match!

I’m totally team Italy, and from what I’ve read (since I don’t follow soccer all the time) statistics are on Italy’s side as well. But you never know how things will go once the match starts – everything is possible.

Personally I see a draw game and then hopefully Italy winning on penalties.

Who are you rooting for? Or are you not watching?

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