Hooked on True Blood

Wonder why I’ve been partially MIA with the blogging? Here’s me admitting I got hooked up on True Blood. I just recently started watching and I’ve been spending most of my free time trying to catch up. I’m actually near the end of Season 1 but yes, having little free time as it was, I’m basically booked up for the day from the moment I wake up. Summer’s going good though, I’m taking things easily and relaxed.

I’m taking a whole-day trip to the nearby mountain tomorrow and should be back in time to watch the Euro 2012 Final – Spain vs. Italy. I’m rooting for Italy, just so you know! 😉

But yes, if I’m MIA some more these days, you don’t have to worry!

P.S. One should mention by the way, that True Blood should have less sex scenes and more creepy vampire ones! Though I’m hoping that’s coming up in the next seasons I have yet to see.


  1. To this day (what season are we in now? and don’t worry I won’t do any spoil alert based comment) I LOVE the intro. Love the feeling it gives out, the song, the mood, the speed, the everything. I just don’t get tired of it! And I too love the show! Hurry and catch up!


    1. Haha the intro is in fact my favorite bit of the show! I do believe from all the shows I’ve watched so far I won’t be wrong to say it is my favorite. Looking forward to the next 4 seasons!


  2. Great intro song. according to the DVD commentary it was only supposed to be a temporary song while putting together the intro credits but they ended up keeping it.
    Other great intros are Dexter, Deadwood and of course Game Of thrones!


  3. Ever seen Justified? That’s got a great intro song – it’s a hip hop/bluegrass mash up that really suits the tone of the show.

    Buffy was always a great intro tune too – I’ll never forget it as long as I live. Big Bang Theory is a jaunty one too – again; feels right for the show.

    I feel a blog post about best theme music coming on…


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