TV and Movie Ratings

I am not putting book ratings in the same category as those who are not avid readers don’t butcher down ratings like non-avid viewers.

Yes, today’s rant is dedicated to people who drop the rating of a certain movie or TV show out of blatant reasons. Over the past few weeks I have seen people dropping down ratings because they don’t get the humor in the movie/show, they don’t know anyone in the cast, their favorite character dies, they didn’t find it suitable for family watching, etc. The list goes on to infinity. The sad part is, there are not proper reasons to rate down something.

Not understanding the humor – if the show is in another language then it’s possible the writing might lose its logic when translated. Or it just has elements that are not for you. Everyone has a different sense for humor, if it doesn’t fit you then at least give it a rating based on other things.

Brand new actors/actresses – this one is simply ridiculous. You don’t need famous actors and actresses to make a good show as long as the writing is great and the cast fits in their roles decently. Plus, new people need to make a breakthrough as well, so you cannot limit roles just to the famous lot.

Favorite character dies – if you only watched the show because of that character I have bad news for you – that show was no good. A show becomes great due to everyone contributing (unless we’re talking about House MD), not just a single person. And if losing your favorite character is part of the plot then man up and deal with it.

Not suitable – a very easily fixable case. One does not simply sit down and watch something with the family – look it up or see a commercial first. Quite often nowadays people end up in an uncomfortable situation because the show has nudity or violence or the vocabulary is vulgar, etc. As a thumbs up, even if it is just a cartoon for your kid, double-check it on internet to make sure you want him/her to watch it. Nothing on TV is “crystal clear” these days.

So many pointless scores of 1 have been given because of dumb reasons it is almost sad. While I also don’t agree with people overestimating something and giving it a 10 because of dumb reasons (pretty much the opposites of these – famous cast, favorite character wins, a funny line, etc.), I think underrating something is worse. These ratings are there to tell others how good the show was and if it is worth their attention and time, not for your emotions to butcher them.

A good way to come up with a rating is actually paying attention to the storyline, the acting, the character and location development, the overall progression of events, and simply going deeper into the movie rather than just watching for amusement. If you didn’t like it leave a comment and state why, give it the average rating (5) if you’re not sure what you should give it, but don’t just rate it “1” because it didn’t meet your expectations. No movie nor TV show was ever created to met your expectations, but simply to entertain and get you to follow it.

Basically, don’t approach anything with already high-set expectations, but rather go see it like something completely new. You will both enjoy it more and give better feedback for others that way.


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